If someone is still not convinced of the amazing abilities and applications of 3D printing in our lives, then probably this story will completely change his mind.

Moreover, the main character in it is a Bulgarian doctor – Dr. Vanyo Vezirov, who created a company. It is called “OS implants” and whose subject of activity is the design and creation of… human or animal bones (3D implants). Surely each of us can imagine what a revolution this is in the field of medicine and how great benefits it will bring to our health. But let’s start over.


The inspiration came from Dr. Vanyo Vezirov a year ago, when he accidentally came across an article about the 3D printing of the first bone models, which were then used in surgery. Since the doctor has had interests in this field before, he decided to put this idea into practice in Bulgaria as well.


Thus, he became one of the pioneers of his native land, engaged in 3D printing of bones.

His company “OS implants” is already successfully creating various personalized 3D implants for the needs of humanitarian and veterinary orthopedics. When a patient experiences a certain type of trauma, his doctor performs a tomography and on this basis a 3D printed image of the computed tomography is created in “OS implants”. Different types of artificial bones, completely identical to those in the human body.

Initially, the company was mainly engaged in the development of animal models. Because, first of all, they give faster results and are more profitable. The other reason is that special certificates for medical products were needed to create human bones. That’s why OS implants started its activity with animal bones. The results are not late – their products are already successfully applied in operations.


The first patient was a Yorkshire Terrier dog. Following this success, the number of orders has increased and the company has already sold over 50 of its surgical models.

A practical seminar was also held. He is together with the Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Orthopedics, to which 20 veterinary orthopedists have been invited to work on the same clinical case, says Dr. Vezirov.


He also explained the goals he sets for himself from now on.

Because OS implants create surgical models that are not placed in the body, the next step is to move on to creating 3D implants for animals. As well as the first personalized 3D implants for people, says Dr. Vanyo Vezirov. For now, he does not intend to move the company’s headquarters outside Bulgaria, because, according to him, the prospects for development in our country are good.

Of course, this does not prevent the products from being distributed outside the country, for example in Europe and the Middle East.

Learn more about OS work: https://oseducation.eu/what-we-do/

Media about us: https://bnr.bg/en/post/101392746/young-bulgarian-scientists-with-a-contribution-to-the-progress-of-science#:~:text=Dr.%20Vanyo%20Vezirov%20heads%20the%20biotechnology%20company%20OS%20IMPLANTS