Our PhilOSophy

If you are a medical student, you already know that OS comes from Latin and means “bone”, and bones form the support system of the bodies of living organisms.

If you are working in information technology sector, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear OS is “operating system” – allocating tasks over time and planning the efficient use of resources.

Behind the greeting “OS” in Eastern cultures stands a deep philosophy of fighting spirit, courage and perseverance.

In Bulgarian OS also means “axis” and “orbit” – the path on which one object moves?

In general – they are essential things. What if we combine all these meanings and functionalities? Yes, that’s how OS Education was born!

OS gives the support every medical student needs

OS helps you allocate and plan your time and study efficiently

OS is the brave step towards the future of medical education

OS is with you on the path to medicine.

OS is us – the dreamers and visionaries looking for change, who have set themselves the goal of leading medicine to a more beautiful future. We are often called The Wizards of OS because innovation is the equivalent of modern magic! If you read this, you are already part of OS.

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