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We know that making great products is not enough. Medicine is a complex science that includes various components and is based on communication between people. The road to changing the course of medical education is long and exciting and it is worth sharing. We are consistently building a community in which innovative ideas are born and developed. We rely on teamwork and encourage creativity. Our goal is to be by your side during the whole journey to medicine. We want to motivate, inspire and innovate!
This is why we created


Medical Students Worldwide

We believe that one person is not enough to make a revolution in medical education process. This is why we create a meaningful Facebook community group with main focus on medical education. The main purpose of the group is to provide medical students with a forum where they can share important information, collaborate together and have fun. More over we are introducing new methodology of education which is called peer to peer learning – namely medical students help and teach other medical students.


Become an Author

You are inspired of talking about medicine? You are creative, talkative and have a lot of ideas? Became an OS Author and write for our blog!



We know that making great products is not enough.
We want to motivate, inspire and innovate!

This is why we created OS EDUCATION ECOSYSTEM


AR Mobile Application

For ultimate experience for all medical students using our Anatomical model of Human skull we are developing a mobile application that builds reality over the anatomical model. The students are able to use their phone camera within the application to scan the skull model. When scanned on the display appear all of the anatomical markers on the skull with three levels of detail of the information.


Anatomical Models

Our company is focused on delivering anatomical models. Our portfolio consists of all bones in the human body and major organs printable. We are developing anatomical models not only for medical students, but for veterinary students as well.


Become an OS Changemaker

If you are inspired of the things we are doing don’t hesitate to write us an email. We are searching for like minded people from all over the world in order to work together for better education processes in the universities.


Medical Education Materials

Our team is developing another supplementary products for medical students including: Anatomical Flashcards and Medical Educational Videos.

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