Anatomical models

We know that students often have to imagine skull structures that are sadly missing from the models in their practical classes. We have solved this problem. Our skulls are available to all students and contain all structures needed to “ACE” your anatomy exam.

Oscar contains all the anatomical structures that are observed on and inside the skull. Even processus styloideus is visible front and center. By learning all the structures using our model you will be able to “ACE” your exam, as we eliminate all the surprises you might expect on your practical exam.

As they say: Complete to the last structure.

The augmented reality that the mobile application builds over the anatomical model allows for a more in-depth and interactive look at the anatomical structures of the skull. For the first time, you can train yourself, using new technologies. We know that learning only theory is boring, incomprehensible and hard to remember. Interaction with the application creates a sense of game, which makes learning an easy and intuitive process.

Due to its engaging nature, augmented reality predisposes to long-term memorization of facts.

Our interactive application, which is part of the PRO version of Oscar, can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store. This allows you to leave your atlas at home. The anatomy atlas is already in your pocket.

Get into reality. Augmented one.

Our skull weighs only 300 grams, which makes it significantly lighter than any anatomy textbook. Yes, we made sure to measure a university anatomy textbook! It weighs exactly 1 kg and 747 grams. Therefore, our model is both light and compact, which makes it easily transportable to all anatomy classes.

The choice is yours!

Following the ancient philosophy that size matters, we made Oscar with real life size dimensions. This allows you to see all the structures, as they would appear in real life. The student has a model, an exact copy of a real-life skull. We believe that training should be based on models, indistinguishable from the real deal. Therefore, you as a future doctor will be thoroughly prepared for your future career path.

OS EDUCATION’s models are made entirely of poly-lactic acid, which is a product that undergoes natural degradation in the environment. We actively support the cause of keeping nature clean and reducing the CO2 footprint on planet Earth.

Oscar is a best friend of many anatomy teachers. He was created and slowly grew before their eyes, absorbing their wisdom and 100% of their anatomical knowledge. This makes him the perfect weapon during an exam.

Use or lose it!

We all know and have come to hate the early Saturday-Sunday experiences in the dissection laboratory, taking away two or three hours of your precious sleep. Well, no more! With Oscar the opportunity to wake up whenever you want and the dissection laboratory being next to you is now reality!

Oscar is an inspiration for many creative people, who like to color him with colorful palettes of their own imagination. Oscar allows you to color him and his different structures with all sorts of color combinations, thus remembering them better.

Oscar saves you time looking for structures. You no longer need an atlas, a textbook, a guide, a tutorial and lectures.

Our products are printed with highest quality and the necessary strength, validated by first-year students, born in caves. In other words, he is not alive, but he is healthy.

First of all, Oscar is not possessed by any spirit, poltergeist or evil demon. It is cleansed with white magic, bullet casting and homeopathy. There is no danger of summoning a demon while spelling its Latin structures. Just don’t say “Omnitus Spiritus”!

Medical students are connoisseurs of many arts, but dedicate themselves entirely to the art of medicine. Let Oscar be your guide and mascot on your way to becoming a successful professional and a world-renowned doctor.

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