• 1. What is 3D printing?

    3D printing refers to the technology used to create 3D objects in the real world from digital 3D files. The objects are typically created layer by layer using a 3D printer.

  • 2. What material are the models made of?

    The anatomical models are made of PLA – Polymer of Lactic Acid.

  • 3. What does OS mean?

    OS comes from the Latin word for “bone” – os.

  • 4. Are all the structures of the real organs present on the models?

    Yes. Every models is an exact copy of a patient’s anatomical structure, created by using their CT scan.

  • 5. When can I expect my order to be shipped?

    It depends on the country. We process orders, placed before 12pm, on the same day. In Bulgaria you can receive your package on the next day.
    For other countries the shipping can take from a week to a month. You can contact us for more details.

  • 6. What are the delivery charges?

    The shipping costs are calculated by country and weight and are defined by the shipping company.
    You can contact us for the exact shipping costs of your order.

  • 7. Do prices include VAT?

    All prices incl. Bulgarian VAT, excl. shipping costs, unless otherwise noted

  • 8. What payment methods can I use?

    You can use Cash on Delivery or PayPal.

  • 9. Can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order up to 2 hours after it is placed.

  • 10. How can I contact customer service?

    Contact us using the contact form and contact information that you can find on the contact page on our website.

  • 11. Where do you ship to?

    We ship to all countries in the EU as well as many others around the world.
    You can contact us for more information about your county.

  • 12. Do I need to create an account to shop online?

    No, you don’t need an account, but creating one will make your future shopping easier.

  • 13. Can I add to, change or cancel an order once it has been placed?

    You can contact us up to 2 hours after placing it so we can make the changes you wish.

  • 14. Which currency will I be charged in?

    It depends on the country you order from.
    The price in Bulgaria is in BGN and in other countries it is in EUR.

  • 15. How can I use a coupon?

    You can use your coupon by entering the code on the Checkout page.

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