Anatomical Model of Upper Limb


Anatomical Model of Upper Limb



Introducing our remarkable 3D Printed Model of the Upper Limb, encompassing the clavicle, ulna, radius, humerus, hand, and scapula! Here are three key features that make it an essential tool for medical professionals, students, and anatomy enthusiasts:

  1. Comprehensive Representation: Our 3D printed model provides a comprehensive representation of the upper limb, including all major bones, from the clavicle to the hand, and the scapula that connects them. It accurately showcases the anatomical structures, proportions, and articulations, making it an ideal resource for studying upper limb anatomy and pathology.
  2. Interactive Learning Experience: The model is designed to be interactive, enabling users to explore the intricate details and relationships of the bones and joints. It facilitates hands-on learning, allowing for the manipulation of the various components, such as rotating the humerus or examining the carpals and metacarpals. This interactive experience enhances understanding and retention of upper limb anatomy.
  3. Practical Application: Our upper limb model serves a practical purpose for medical professionals and students. It aids in the understanding of fractures, joint movements, and surgical interventions. It can also be used for patient education, enabling clear visualization and explanation of upper limb conditions or procedures.

Explore the complexity of the upper limb with our state-of-the-art 3D printed model. Deepen your knowledge of anatomy, improve patient care, and enhance your educational experience. Order your upper limb model today and elevate your understanding of this crucial aspect of human anatomy.

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