After concluding a partnership with the largest Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Orthopedics (BAVOT), it is time to start working on joint projects.

BAVOT and OS Implants in partnership

For almost 1 month BAVOT had been preparing a different event-a seminar. In this seminar, the organizers planned to reveal the secrets of corrective osteotomies. It was well prepared by Dr. Svetoslav Hristov and Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov. After presenting various cases from their practice, they turned to the practical part.

Dr Vladislav Zlatinov with surgical model of OS Implants

The practical part was to simulate an operation on a surgical model prepared by us in advance. We reproduced this case on the patient’s tomography and printed it out to create a surgical training model. Within 10 days our team managed to prepare the models.

Personalised surgical models

We prepared 40 personalized surgical models with a well-defined specific pathology for the participants in the seminar.
For the first time in Bulgaria a practical seminar is held with the possibility to simulate an operation on a real case. We express our gratitude to the BAVOT team and we will continue our joint activities.

You can watch a short video of the event here: