Mr. Lyubenov introduced Vanyo to his public and then started with the questions. The topic of the interview was innovation by 3D printing.

Please, Vanyo, explain to me the tech behind the magic of 3D printing.

Bioprinting is an instrument through which someone can print cells and create tissues. 3D printing with a polymer is a different thing though. It produces bone models.

The 3 processes of creating a bone model are: computer tomography, videoprocessing and the actual printing.

We can aslo print harmed bones which could help surgeons in their pre-surgical planning. This would facilitate the whole procedure.

3D printing

How do you see your surgical models in the future?

We suppose that our main priority is veterinary medicine mainly because there are lower regulations in this field. Then we will change our course and take on humane medicine.

Why there aren’t any bioprinted organs yet?

No one in the whole world has bioprinted everlasting organ. The reason is that there the new tissue is not suitable with the organism.

Which organs are those we should replace?

These are the bones and ligaments. When we talk about organs it is highly specific and I do not think that people should intervene. However, we can print surgical guides. We already have successful clinical case of a dog called Lizzy.

3D printing

Tell me more about the medical ethics?

Technology exceeds people’s thinking. Then everyone will accept that bioprinting is real science and it is here to change the course of medicine.