Dr. Vanyo Vezirov for Bloomberg Bulgaria. Link:

OS implants is a biotech company that creates personalized implants for patients in veterinary and humanitarian orthopedy. The idea started a year ago with my inspiration for 3D printing and its application in medicine. I came across an interesting article, which says that that the first bone models used for human surgery are being printed worldwide. Imagined being one of the pioneers in Bulgaria dealing with with 3D bone printing.”- Dr. Vanyo Vezirov, founder of OS Implants, said in an interview with Elena Kirilov for the show “UpDate” hosted by Boycho Popov. 

“It all starts with a patient who has some kind of trauma. The doctor does Computer tomography of the patient and then we create a 3D printed image of the computed tomography. We create realistic bones just like those in the animal and human body.”


Dr. Vezirov explains that when a person deals with medical products, he needs the necessary certificates and that is why “OS implants” first start to develop animal models, due to cheaper and faster results. 

“Our products have been used for a successful operation on a Yorkshire Terrier dog, and the size of the implant with which the veterinarian has worked was around 1 mm. “

The number of orders from “OS implants” is growing, and Dr. Vezirov does not hide his joy about the opportunities that technology provides.

“We have 50 sold surgical models. We also created a practical seminar together with the Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Orthopedics, where we invited 20 veterinary orthopedists to work on the same clinical case.”

He remarked future plans of the company: “At this stage we create surgical models, which are not meant to be put in a human body. “


According to him, the company plans to remain based in Bulgaria, as he sees an opportunity for growth in the country.