Dr. Vanyo Vezirov for BNT1: https://bntnews.bg/bg/a/ekip-blgarski-ucheni-iskat-da-spetsializirat-v-3d-printiraneto-na-kosti-i-khrushchyali

Young Bulgarian team is preparing to welcome a new age in medicine: their ambition is to specialize in 3D printing of bones and cartilage. With the finale of the “Fame laboratory”, a competition between young scientists competing for the most intriguing science idea, ends and the Sofia Science Festival. Once again the fest got together worldwide scientists with a vision for the future.

“It looks just like normal 3D printing. And it in some way is. Only thing is that except melted plastic, we use biomass – or living cells. And that’s exactly the biggest challenge – to keep the cells alive.”

The printer gives spatial form of the tissue or the organs. In this case, a bone, replacing the missing part of the organism. In addition the printed cells will develop the new tissue. The young doctors have the ambition to specialize in the printing of bones and cartilage. 

“We dream that one day we could produce fully functional human organs. Do you know what the cool thing is? Cool thing is that with bioprinting we use cells from the same patient. After, when we transplant it, we won’t be having any problems with tissue rejection.” – Vanyo Vezirov, medic.


Whole organs with their complex central circulatory system look even more possible, but in the near future. This is why the young scientists advise everyone to take care of their health, because spare parts are not expected soon.

“You can count on us, however you’ll have to wait 10 more years.” – Vanyo Vezirov