Being only 25 years old, Vanyo Vezirov slowly but surely turns his ideas into reality. Everything started 3 years ago when he decided to start developing 3D surgical implants. 

“I’ve always been inspired by the applied science that can be used in favor of the business.” – he said. 

Dr. Vezirov produces mainly 3D implants for animals that are needed for orthopedic surgeries. In the future he is planning on developing implants for people. 

“They can help human cases of bone tumor diseases. They can be used for injuries from car crashes as well.” – clarified Dr. Vezirov.

All we need for this to happen are – brains, hard work and 3D printers.

Today Dr. Vezirov is taking the Hippocratic oath.

“To be a doctor is a mission and vocation for me and I believe that I can continue helping my patients while paving new horizons in medicine.” – he said.

His horizon is already clear – he is staying in Bulgaria.

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