Млад български лекар с иновативни 3D импланти в България и Европа - интеврю с д-р Ваньо Везиров
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OS Implants is a biotechnology company that has a main focus on the innovative 3D printing of medical implants as well as surgery and anatomical models. We are health-conscious for both people and animals and we invent products that make improved living possible for them.

 We believe that the future is now and together we are changing the course of medicine. It’s inspiring for us to be part of something bigger than us all.

Dr. Vanyo Vezirov is one of the few Bulgarian doctors-entrepreneurs with a mission of his own which is to bring innovation to life. He is the founder of OS Implants which main idea is to produce innovative 3D model implants of bones. More on 3D printers and how they can be applied nowadays, Dr. Vezirov for Healthnews:

1. Do you mind telling us more about how the idea of producing innovative 3D implants was born and how much time did it take to become a reality?

Hello. Just like every idea out there – it was impulsive and spontaneous.

To be honest, I have always been a science lover. Ever since my first years in university, I have been a part of extracurricular science projects. After that I participated in the Science Communication Competition which is called “Famelab” where I took the bronze in 2014. Then I got invited to “Famelab All Stars” and since then I have been active in the science communication field. It is both skill and hobby and share your experience as a scientist and how science can be accessible, easily comprehensible and interesting. I kept on doing presentations for the Sofia Science Festival. Science and biotech business then merged into one in my mind. This is how my love for science led me to opening my startup company for 3D Printing of Bones and bone implants called OS Implants.

Step by step with a vision for the future, innovation in science are my passion now.This is how I serve my mission as a doctor – helping the patients in need. I believe that to be a doctor is an inner calling and you can help patients no matter if it is while working at a hospital or paving new paths in medicine.


2 What exactly is OS Implants focused on and how is it applied here in Bulgaria?

OS IMPLANTS is a biotechnological company made in February 2019.

We are producing artificial implants for human and animal usage thanks to a process of 3D printing. We invented our own 3D printing platform that includes our Software and Hardware part. With its help we are focusing on the following product lines:

Our first beta product is anatomical models. They are being used in the learning process of students in the fields of humanitarian, dental and veterinary medicine. Using our process of using our ability to take images from CT scan of patients, our anatomical models are a model of real patients. The students have the opportunity to train on anatomical models from a real life fracture. 

Our second beta product is the surgery model. They are specially made for surgical residents. Prepared with the help of CT scans of real cases they serve as training models for surgeons and with their help they can plan the pre-operative assessment.In this scenario, complex cases are visually shown while the surgeon has the opportunity to attempt to do the surgery a few times prior to operating the patient itself.

Third productive line – these are the customized implants. We can 3D print implants which are personally developed for the patient following its individual features and its pathological fracture lines on the injury. This way we can produce implants for more complex cases in which the implants made of titan are extremely insufficient.

3. Are you expecting this company to be producing human implants in the future?

Definitely, producing human implants will be part of OS IMPLANTS’s activity. To get there we need two things – firstly we need ISO 13485 certificates which give the company ability in this sector, and secondly – financial instruments. 

4. Where is Bulgaria ranked in terms of 3D implants in comparison to other EU countries? 

Worldwide there are around 3-5 companies that deal with producing customized implants via 3D printing. At this stage we are the only company that offers this solution in Bulgaria, in the Balkans and one of the few in Europe. We are building a team made out of staff highly qualified in each field in order to maximize the innovation potential of the company. We aim to target Bulgaria as a steady competitor to the other EU countries in terms of developing 3D customized implants.


5 What are the advantages of using 3D printed implants?

OS IMPLANTS is a biotechnological company that is dealing with 3D printing of medical implants. Our innovation consists of the following:

Firstly starting with production innovation. We are competing with the gold standard of implants made from Titan. Right now  titanium implants are produced via CNC – machines that work fundamentally with withdrawing material. In this slow process a big amount of material  is lost in the process and around 2000 liters mineral oils and lubricants are used for a single produced implant. We are using a 3D – FDM printing process with whom implants are made by layer by layer material. In this process mineral oils and lubricants are not used, so that the material wastage will be few times less.Excluding them is the reason why producing a single implant takes no more than 3 hours.

The second innovation which stays behind our company is  the material that we work with. It is called PEEK, and is already approved by FDA and EMA and tested for use on people. Product development innovation gives our company the opportunity to produce implants with low eco-waste. This is the reason why we successfully passed the accelerator’s program for clean technologies organized by Cleantech Bulgaria,

Third Innovation is in terms of product and customization.  What we can do with our 3D printing platform is prototyping, designing and printing customized implants for the patient. Titanium implants are presumed to be one or more sizes. Our implants are individually made for each patient.


6. Are there any upcoming events that OS Implants is taking part of, so that we can inform our readers?

There are some upcoming pitching events that we are participating in and presenting our company.   For any upcoming events we inform our followers in advance via our social media “OS IMPLANTS” at Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our vision is formed the following way:

In the nearest future our vision includes placing the first customized dog implant on the Balkans. The dog is called Mary and we already have scanned her trauma and produced her customized implant. At this moment we are mechanically testing the implant and planning the operation with Dr. Zlatinov. Operation is set for 2 weeks from now.

We are planning on finishing the beta products into finished ones. In a month from now we will be ready with building the anatomical models for training purposes helping medical students from different fields as well as the surgery residents. 

Main priority right now are the media coverage, marketing placement of the finished anatomical and surgical models as well as the funding.

Our midway (6-12 months) target includes the development of the company in the following aspects- technology scanning  while using 3D printing HUB that serves the national veterinarian market. Enlarging the team and integrating the marketing strategy made for positioning customized implants in the market.

Our long term (24-36 months) target is connected to acquisition of certificates in working with people and first implant operation on people.

Full portfolio of anatomical models for training purposes, for students in humanitarian, dental and veterinary medicine. Full portfolio of surgical implants for surgical residents.

 Five years from now we are planning on working with a full portfolio of the product for veterinarian and humanitarian medicine as well as neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery oral and maxillofacial surgery and dental ones.


7. Lastly, You are a young and talented Bulgarian doctor and we can’t miss on the topic of the protests of young doctors in the country and the changes on the ordinance number 1 for finding a speciality. Will you continue to stay in Bulgaria and how are the new changes going to be affecting everyone according to you?

I fully agree on the thesis of my colleagues regarding the ordinance. At this stage I’m planning on staying in Bulgaria and focusing on building the company.