The creator of one of the first in Bulgaria and Europe 3D bone implants, Vanyo Vezirov, shares with us how his idea for OS Implants was born. You can hear the whole episode in episode 4 of @afterfivepodcast, where Vanyo shares extremely interesting tips on how to start a young company in Bulgaria, attracting investors and your first clients. If you are also interested in 3D printers and the creation of an innovative business in the field of medicine, then this episode will inspire and enrich you with interesting ideas. This is what he says:

Everything started when I heard that a 3D printed rib was implanted in a patient in a hospital in Sofia. I was felt astonished and that it is now possible in Bulgaria.

So, I decided to establish a company for 3D printing of implants that contribute a lot for the development of medicine in Bulgaria.

The KEY here was PERSONALISATION. People invest so much in personalised things. Wouldn’t they invest in their health or in something that could be implanted i their own body!? This is how the idea of our personalised surgical models was born-OS Implants was born.

OS Implants

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