Dr. Vanyo Vezirov made to the prestigious ranking of Darik “40 under 40”. Tou can read here what he said about the company and its accomplishments.

He started talking about his awards and his graduation when he awarded by the Swiss ambassador.

Vanyo Vezirov

The idea of OS Implants came from the name of a bone in Latin-“os”. I took here from my laboratory one surgical model of a spine that was implanted in a dog named Lizzy. The operation was successful and now Lizzy is one happy dog.

When we talk about surgical models in humans, we enter quite a ”dangerous zone”. We are a new company and the regulations in humane medicine are a lot and that’s why we are headed to veterinary medicine-less regulations and easier procedures.

Dr. Vezirov continued talking about the invention of PEEK-the polymer that is used in 3D printing. Now 3D printing is used almost everywhere. He finished the conversation with the statement that OS Implants is opened to all kinds of investments because this is to only way to grow BIGGER AND BETTER.

Vanyo Vezirov

Read more about OS work: https://oseducation.eu/what-we-do/