model research

So you’ve decided to be a modern student, a modern doctor and you want to buy an anatomical model? But there are so many available on the market and you have no idea which one to choose? We are here to help. We did some research for you!

In this table you can see a wide range of companies offering anatomical models with different characteristics and price.

anatomical model

We have chosen some of the best anatomical models manufacturers – Anatomy Stuff, 3B Scientific, Wellden, Axis Scientific, Carolina, Nasco, Candent, Bone Clones, Erler Zimmer, Adam Rouilly, as well as OS Education and made a comparison between them on the basis of level of detail, authenticity and overall quality. We have sorted them by price. Some of them even provide you with bonus products free of charge – display stand and a variety of digital products (AR application, digital anatomy notes and lectures).

Now you can take your time and choose the option best for you!


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