Dr. Vezirov started with the presentation of the surgical models of OS Implants and their application in veterianry medicine.

Dr. Vezirov

Mr. Dermendzhiev asked Dr. Vezirov:

How it all started for you? How did you decide to establish OS Implants?

I think that I can create an innovation that might help a lot more people than a normal doctor. Innovations make the life of people better.

What material do you use to produce these bones?

It is called PEEK and is already legally certified for use in human surgery.

As a biotech STARTUP you need someone to finance your projects. How much money do you need for now?

For proper development of out company we need 100 000 euro that will be spent mostly on creating and implanting veterinary surgical models. We decided to take on the veterinary medicine because here regulations are less.

What do you think about the Bulgarian Health System? Why didn’t you decide to become a normal doctor?

There are a lot of active students that cannot reveal their full potential. They need a chance to prove themselves and this could be done with better communication in the medical world.

How should be spent the money in the medical field by our government?

I consider that we need to spend more money on innovation.

So, what is your main motive that drives you?

I think that we are better than our competitors because we believe in the power of personalisation. That’s why we create personalised implants. The future of medicine belongs to personalisation.

Dr. Vezirov